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Freemasonry has had a long and consistent history of providing service and relief to the community.  It is the obligation to every Mason to put forward an effort to benefit their family, friends and communities in the attempt to help mankind prevail.  This is a benevolent society of men who take the comforts of helping others as a means of giving purpose to each individuals journey through life and, along the way, build relationships with the people who find themselves destitute in the moments of hardship.  One of the profound virtues of our order is CHARITY and, as a Prince Hall Affiliated Free & Accepted Masons, that virtue is a guiding force that compels us to be better men through our efforts to help others.

 Please help the members of this by making a donation that will be applied to the many various charities that we support. 

Men Stand Tall When They Reach Down To Help The Less Fortunate...

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If you know of any charitable organizations that could us a helping hand please do not hesitate to contact us.

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